Vote for community's best interest 

I am inspired to write this letter in support of Tim Wheeler for the District 4 LPEA board quite simply because I have known him for many years now, and have watched him repeatedly apply his large knowledge base and skill set to try and make this community a better place to live. He certainly loves this community. 

He is highly intelligent, asks important questions and is a quick-study.

As a current member of the LPEA Board, he has

clearly stood out as one of the most committed and hardest working members. Some, in the know, say his work in his first term has been essential to LPEA’s success.

He has served as Treasurer of the Board for the past three years, is currently Chair of the Finance Committee, as well as a member of both the Power Supply Committee and the Broadband Committee. 

In the last year, he has taken a special interest as a member of LPEA’s Broadband Committee and is encouraging the board to decide whether to expand its service to this community by not only providing us with power, but also expanding its services to include broadband. He is well aware that many of LPEA’s customers live in rural areas that are currently not being adequately served by our existing Wi-Fi carriers and sees that this creates an opportunity to both profit and serve. Other communities around the country that have taken this same step have found a way to bring in not only better, more dependable service to their communities, but in some cases even cheaper service. Tim is currently the board representative to the LPEA subsidiary FastTrack Communication, which may become even more important if the board decides to move forward with a broadband plan.

I believe a locally owned and operated broadband service would benefit this community greatly. No longer would we be watching outside interests control our fate. Our community members making up the board would be in a position to act in accordance with this community’s best interests. 

A vote for Tim Wheeler is a vote for the best interests of this community. Remember votes must be in LPEA’s hands by June 16.

–Ron Margolis, Durango