Vote for environment, economy

To the editor,

Many of you who know me know that I have been working to shift our local electrical cooperative, LPEA, toward adopting more renewable clean energy for over eight years. Renewable energy prices in Colorado have dropped below the cost of fossil fuels. But LPEA cannot take advantage of these low prices or the opportunities they present for economic development. We are tied to expensive, dirty energy and will continue to be, unless we elect active, forward-thinking directors to the board. If you are interested to learn more about these issues there is an informative article in this month’s E.P.I.C. magazine.

Less than 25 percent of our community votes in the LPEA election. Let’s CHANGE that! If you pay a bill you are a member, look for your ballot on or around April 17. I am recommending a vote for Britt Bassett, District 3, City of Durango; Jeff Mannix, District 2, South County; Tim Wheeler, District 4, North County; and Kirsten Skeehan, District 1, Archuleta County. This election is one that can make a huge difference for our local environment and economy. Please vote!

– Katie McGee Waller, Bayfield