Vote now or risk losing the right 

To the editor,

Hate. Lies. Division.

Young voters, we are better than this. As the new voice of our democracy, we must make our cry to be heard louder than ever – not despite, but because the current leader of this country is unwilling to listen.

To echo famous words, “It is what it is.” Trump is led not by our nation’s values. He has made it more difficult for the average voter (yes, you) to receive affordable healthcare and education. He has rejected every opportunity to preserve the planet that we will inherit. He hid in a bunker as we bled for peace and held a Bible for a photo op as we rallied in the streets, uttering softly, love thy neighbor. He is the president who cried hoax over the shaking voices of families, friends and lovers whispering goodbye into the phone as loved ones died alone at the hand of a virus he ignored.

This is no longer a matter of sides: Our world is burning. Our nation is crying. Our democracy is vulnerable. We are all human enough to understand that simple compassion for country and people overwhelm the demanded loyalty for an office and a leader that is meant to serve us.

As of now, we have the power to turn the tide of change with one united, indivisible voice. If Trump succeeds in breaking down the values of democracy and the ability to rightfully choose our next leader, we may no longer have one.

– Jenna Fults, Durango