Vote to improve health care for all

To the editor,

We have a unique opportunity in La Plata County and in our state to educate ourselves about candidates who not only support, but are champions for, protecting our health and our wallets by fully endorsing an expanded Medicare for all type of health care systems. The 2017 Economist/YouGov.Poll found that 60 percent of Americans favor expanding Medicare to provide health insurance to every American. The Durango Herald’s online poll in March of 2018 captured 65 percent in favor. Virtually every other industrialized country has been able to create universal health coverage systems that are efficient while being cost and quality conscious. If Canada has been able to do this at half the cost we pay in the U.S. with better health outcomes for its citizens, why can’t the United States do it too? Can we agree on the shared value of health over profits and make the change?

I believe we can, and that is why I am supporting Guinn Unger for State Senate in District 6 because I have seen firsthand that he is a true champion for reducing costs and improving our health care system. I believe that it is the system of health care funding that needs to change. Take action and vote for candidates that will make these changes to benefit you and your family. To vote is to exist; let your voice be heard.

– Lauren Patterson, Durango