Vote Turner and Mannix for LPEA

To the editor,

Here in La Plata County, we buy almost all of our power from Tri-State, a generation and transmission company based on the Front Range.

Tri-State relies heavily on fossil fuels, and they are the single-worst emitter of carbon dioxide in the entire country per unit of energy produced. Maybe that made sense years before, when coal was the cheapest energy source, but it doesn’t anymore.

The cost of renewable energy has plummeted, and the price of coal is high and rising. Coal has never made sense environmentally. Now, it doesn’t even make sense economically.

The advantages of renewables are clear. Lower prices and cleaner energy benefit us all.

Jeff Mannix (D2) and Jack Turner (D4) are the best choice for people who want LPEA directors that will advocate for clean energy and low rates. They both have strong backgrounds in community advocacy and will push the board to examine all of LPEA’s options, instead of just blindly tethering themselves to dirty, expensive energy.

Ballots were mailed April 2. Please vote for Turner and Mannix.

– Brett Oliver, Durango