Wake up and smell the chemicals

To the editor,

Be a voice for the children, please. When it comes to chemicals, I think I know my limits. On Nov. 10, during a Friday afternoon walk on historic Main Avenue, I encountered four separate cologne clouds. One guy’s “man perfume” I could actually taste. “Time to go home, back to the woods,” I said.

I tell people, when we were little in the 60s and 70s, we ran around saying things like “flower power” and “peace.” Maybe “flower power” also refers to natural plants, flowers and tree resins (aromatherapy, essential oils.)

Synthetic fragrances are made from chemicals. In honor of the children, please take the chemical fragrances out of your homes, schools, day cares and work places. Please wake up ... please wake up and smell the chemicals.

Ask yourself why on Earth are we poisoning our children?

On Nov. 29, 2006, my dad committed suicide. Imagine a lifetime of chemical exposures, chemical sensitivities, in a chemical world. Chemical imbalance? Maybe the imbalance is due to too many chemicals.

– Darsi Olson, a chemically sensible child of a chemically exposed father