Walking the climate-change talk

To the editor,
Everyone who is a human-caused global warming believer should pay attention to what Greta Thunberg said when she met with the billionaires and ruling elites at Davos on Jan. 21. She said net-zero carbon emission is not enough – that even that low level will destroy the Earth. Greta believes that we must immediately (in just the next few years) change to ZERO carbon emission.
So, to all of you who believe in human-caused global warming, you yourself have to change to zero carbon emissions. Telling your congresspersons and senators to pass laws mandating this to make everyone else change isn’t going to work.
It’s time, today, for you yourself, to turn off your propane. Turn off your electricity (unless yours is from nuclear or hydro-electric power, no carbon there), and park your car or truck for the last time. Stop cutting trees and burning wood in the stove. Eat whatever meat you have on hand for the last time, then vegan forever.
You yourself should do this now. Today. If you do not, then you have to admit that you do not truly believe Greta, that you do not believe in human-caused global warming.
– Pat Reyes, Durango