Walsworth has financial expertise

To the editor,

I first met Tim Walsworth in January 2003. In the after-math of the devastating 2002 Missionary Ridge Fire, an ad hoc committee composed of nearly all caring organizations in the Durango area convened to receive and allocate donated funds, thereby addressing many pressing needs in the community over the next year. Tim, new to town and also new to United Way, immediately became acquainted with many new colleagues. A baptism by fire, so to speak.

After heading United Way for 10 years, Tim has for five years served as executive director of Durango’s Business Improvement District (BID), including writing a weekly column for the Herald. He has put together a truly outstanding record of dedication to public service.

Tim is an excellent collaborator and a boss much appreciated by his loyal, hard-working employees. He has valid concerns for the integrity of the office of County Treasurer and his solid financial expertise is backed up by 15 years of audits with never a major finding.

Colorado’s primary election is June 26; ballots go out June 4. Tim is an excellent and well-qualified candidate we can trust. Please cast your primary ballot for Tim Walsworth for La Plata County Treasurer.

– Marilyn McCord, Vallecito