We deserve fair price for drugs

Susan Troen, Durango - 08/06/2020

To the editor,
A recent Freedom of Information Act filed on behalf of the people revealed that Trump has secretly signed contracts with some major pharmaceutical companies, allowing them to charge outrageous prices for any drugs related to COVID-19 treatments or vaccines.

Under existing law, drugs created with taxpayer funding must charge “reasonable prices” upon sale to the public. Trump excluded this protection for the American taxpayer in the four revealed contracts with Roche, Regeneron, Johnson & Johnson, and Genetech. Taxpayers have already funded almost $1 billion toward COVID-19 research by these companies.

Trump contracts with Gilead Pharmaceuticals for COVID-19 treatments of Remdesivir in the hospital, allows $3,120 per treatment to patients with private insurance. There is no mention of requirement of “reasonable price” in Trump’s contract with them either.