We got it pretty doggone good

To the editor,

Hi, Durango! I knew you when you were a puppy! You were all cuddly and sloppy with dreams I have witnessed unfold in our river trail, rec center, community support systems, festivals, street dances and on and on for four decades.

I have watched you stretch and grow with all that growing puppy pain when the bones are expanding faster than the ability to understand what the heck is happening anyway!

The county commissioners and City Council were constantly at logger heads about how change was to come about – much like our Congress today – as the little town was discovered by “outsiders” like me. The commissioners wanted nothing to do with regulations that infringed on how they had always lived and the city councilors recognized the need for them so that we could grow with a comprehensive plan. Each was right in their own way.

I have witnessed these two entities that represent all of us eventually find compromises and learn to grow together with a common vision for the common good. Like a puppy, Durango has grown into a robust and healthy promise fulfilled. We recognize that we are all very different and we celebrate our differences – it is the spice of life!

William Blake wrote, “Why stand we here trembling around, calling on God for help, and not ourselves, in whom God dwells?”

Life works in our little corner of the world – can we bottle this and send it to Congress – along with a healthy dose of LSD for each of them? (Professionally supervised, of course!)

I think that we would discover a much more  peaceful planet with much expanded consciousness as we discover we all enjoy our tummies petted as much as our dogs do! We are all in this adventure together! Let’s make the most of it!

– Susan Urban, Durango