What happened to good ol' GOP?

To the editor,

This is to all the Republicans out there. What happened to you? You used to be the “conservative” party of values and principles. Remember? You have been hijacked by Trump, who shares none of your principles and does not care about you. This is not about politics, but leadership, values and what this country has meant in the world. How could all of you, and Christians especially (what would Jesus think?) be so duped? You have fallen for pitiful lies fueling anger that is dividing this country in a time when we need the opposite. Please take this seriously and realize we were a great country, and now it is being destroyed. How much Fox News are you watching?

Since you have accepted and even celebrated the continuous litany of disgusting behavior from Trump that has no empathy and is not human (as conservative commentators have noted), what would you find disgraceful from this thing? Maybe: IT kills a reporter at a press conference; IT jumps into the audience at a rally and chokes a person to death; or there is a video of IT grabbing a woman there, as IT bragged about doing on TV – I saw it. From what your party has shown, it will accept anything this Vile Orange Thing will say or do. Please SHOW me I am wrong!

And now, Republicans are going to ram-rod thru a Supreme Court justice when your hero Mitch McConnell would not even give Garland a hearing 10 months away, and established the “McConnell Rule?” Really? You guys have no standards or morals. What are your church leaders saying? This is not reality TV, which your leader excelled in. Please respond once you get home from church.

– Dave Mehan, Durango