What kind of country is this?

To the editor,

The United States of America is comprised of real estate that has been surveyed, mapped and divided into 50 distinct, individual regions that exist on the outer crust of this planet. This is where the populace resides, with addresses, zip codes, etc. Now, a 51st state has come into existence: the “State of/denial,” where most of us are right now because we cannot face the facts that are too bad to be true.

Donald Trump did not invent corruption in government, it was alive and thriving in our nation’s capital, created unwittingly by the founding fathers of this country. The genesis was when they chartered the first bank and did not include sufficient checks and balances written into the document. That was the birth of corporate America, which has evolved with the compliance of generation after generation of members of both major political parties, the pot and the kettle, into an all-powerful and corrupt system that imposes its will on our government.

Mr. Trump is a mirror image of that system, but with one boat-rocking deviation. He has changed the modus operandi from slithering silently and politely as dirty deeds are accomplished to a modus of in-your-face lying, bullying, bragging and even announcing for all to hear what dirty deed he plans next.

The composite structure and functionality of the Trump Administration, which has seamlessly become conjoined with Trump enterprises, has created a serious crisis in this country, as well as others on this planet. Trump is being allowed to rape the Constitution of the United States of Americans while being aided by the stooges, puppets and parrots that he has appointed/hired. They aid and abet criminality while drawing salaries paid by American taxpayers. The most notable example is the attorney general of this nation, who has proven to be nothing more than the president’s personal valet, shining his shoes and memorizing the script he is instructed to read. Trump has attracted several groups that seem to consider him as some sort of heroic icon. Some persons in the media not only applaud but defend his criminality, his mantra of hate and discontent, his racism and his routine disrespect of humanity. The white supremacy groups, the ultra-rich – these people are all hanging on to the president’s shirt tail. They cling tightly in spite of being dragged along through his droppings, which will leave them permanently stained and filed in the historical records of this country in a folder marked, “The Trump Years – Criminality, Hate, Discontent and Racism for Proift.”

Too bad and too sad to be true – a velvet pillow for corporate America and a bed of spikes for us. What the hell kind of a country is this? That is a very legitimate question echoing all over America – in the hallways of VA hospitals, the front desks of health clinics, the homes of mass shooting victims, homeless shelters, homes and offices of all women, the federal prison camps/cages on our southern border, and all the various locations where millions of people are suffering the agony of the opioid addiction caused by a corrupt system of conflict of interest and selective enforcement.

What the hell kind of country is this? The question burns like a wild fire while our elected politicians refuse to act. These people elected to serve the best interests of our citizenry are hiding in the dark nooks and crannies of our nation’s capital, shirking their duties as first responders to address a crisis in government. Like Nero, they fiddle with themselves while the firestorm continues, unabated. Silence is their only answer.

The question remains, perhaps to be carved in two-story-high letters as public art on Mount Rushmore, as a historical “Monument of Truth.” A monument with acres and acres of blank wall space where citizens who are screaming the question can scrawl or carve their personal experience. These stories can become answers that reflect the truth in detail for all to see exactly what this county has become.

Now, that’s a wall with a meaningful purpose.

– Peter Martin, Durango