What 'unaffiliated' really means

To the editor,

While it’s trendy to say you’re “Independent” or “Unaffiliated,” what do those labels really mean? To me it implies you’ll listen to and work with everyone. Great approach! Only one candidate, Marsha Porter-Norton, has spent an entire career listening to and working with diverse viewpoints. 

Marsha has spent decades working on county and regional issues as a professional facilitator and collaborator. She has proven she can bring people together with widely different interests to reach consensus and get results on tough issues from health care to highway intersections.  

Probably the most challenging group she led was the Hermosa Creek Working Group with nearly 100 participants representing 45 disparate interests; from trout habitat to ranching, from mountain bikes to grazing rights. Because of her levelheaded leadership, ability to listen and ability to bridge divides we now have the 100,000-acre Hermosa Wilderness. That’s proven collaborative leadership regardless of what letter is beside the name on the ballot.  

Having an “I” or “U” after one’s name doesn’t create this style of leadership. Experience does. Vote for Marsha Porter-Norton who has proven she has the skills and temperament to bring people together to get results.

– Laura Godfrey, Durango