Wheeler fights for broadband 

Tim Wheeler is the District 4 incumbent in LPEA’s upcoming board election. He is really sharp on all the key issues that LPEA faces and is forward looking in trying to shape policies for LPEA that will benefit all the members.

One key issue that he has been very involved with and that I feel is critical to our community is the role LPEA should play in expanding broadband access in LPEA’s mostly rural service area. The pandemic we have all been living through shows just how important better and more affordable broadband access is to our future community well-being. LPEA should consider playing a key role in bringing better broadband to our area, in the same way it played a crucial role in bringing electricity to our rural community more than 80 years ago when for-profit companies would not make the necessary investments.  

Tim Wheeler has been a key member on the LPEA Broadband Committee and LPEA’s representative to its broadband subsidiary, FastTrack Communications. We need to keep him on the LPEA Board to ensure his deep knowledge and leadership on broadband is retained. Please vote to re-elect Tim Wheeler to the LPEA Board.

– Deb Paulson, Durango