Wheeler's impressive track record

This is a critical year to be a voter in the upcoming LPEA election, as we have the opportunity to re-elect our experienced and knowledgeable board member Tim Wheeler in District 4. Tim has been very effective in his first term. We need leadership at LPEA that works hard on behalf of the members and can get things done in a non-partisan manner.  Tim Wheeler has been a very productive leader on the LPEA board and we need to keep him there. 

His track record and efforts on the board in his first three years are impressive:

• Treasurer

• Chair of Finance Committee

• Member of the Power Supply Committee

• Member of the Broadband Committee

• Representative to LPEA subsidiary FastTrack Communications

 During his time on the board, LPEA unanimously adopted a strategic goal for lowering CO2 emissions and keeping rates low, hired a new CEO, negotiated a 4% rate decrease with our power supplier and significantly increased board transparency.

 Mail-in ballots need to be returned no later than June 16. I encourage residents of District 4 to vote for Tim Wheeler so he can continue to work successfully on behalf of LPEA’s members.

–Kyle Amstadter, Durango