Where is the local love for tennis?

To the editor,

In Durango and around the world, active, healthy people over 50 are playing tennis, golfing, running, swimming and biking – these are lifetime sports. Few people over 50 are playing football, baseball or basketball (are they on the couch watching TV sports?) Our schools can put more emphasis on the lifetime sports most often introduced during school years. However, the school district emphasis and majority of funding is not on lifetime sports.

For example take tennis: Durango High School and Needham Elementary used to offer tennis classes – no longer. The district does not maintain the courts; cleaning and equipment replacement is done by the local tennis club. The Needham tennis courts are scheduled to be removed next year. The Needham courts are used extensively by the tennis community but apparently have no value to the school district. The High School and Needham courts were jointly funded by the school district, city and county – our tax dollars.

If you have thoughts or ideas on how our schools can place more emphasis on sports that promote a lifetime of fitness and health, contact school board members and school officials.

– Richard Montrose, Durango