Your future is Marsha's focus

To the editor,

I have known Marsha Porter-Norton for some 15 years – we met during her previous career as a professional meeting facilitator/mediator when I was working for a government agency. I was impressed with, and grateful for, Marsha’s ability to progress the meeting agendas, help speakers stay on topic and, above all, ensure community members’ concerns were heard, validated and responded to in full. Because of her vast experience working within public forums, her volunteer work and her many leadership roles, Marsha understands that significant projects require a shared vision among multiple agencies, their leadership and their constituents.

I am voting for Marsha Porter-Norton for county commissioner because she has decades of experience bringing people together – a wide variety of interest groups and constituencies – to arrive at real solutions for our community. Marsha is not driven by party affiliation or a narrow focus of interest. When Marsha says, “your future is my focus,” she means our collective future, a future in which everyone shares. That is what experienced public servants like Marsha do.

Please read more about Marsha’s background, experience and proven leadership at

– Nancy Shanks, Durango