You're in the dog house, Texas

Let’s hear it for Texas! They are leading the nation in the GOP effort to destroy democracy and Constitutional rights.

On Sept. 1, the state’s new anti-abortion law took effect, giving anyone the right to sue anyone else on suspicion of providing or helping someone get an abortion, or even thinking about it.

This scheme is supposed to be harder to challenge in court, because it’s not the state enforcing it. It’s your friendly witch-hunting neighbor. The burden seems to be on the person being sued to prove innocence. And there’s a minimum $10,000 penalty on the victim. Texas Right to Life has a website for people to rat out someone in hopes of collecting this bounty. The anti-abortion Catholic Supreme Court majority has already refused to block this law from taking effect.

My first thought is this will shred whatever is left of the social fabric in Texas and jam the courts with people suing each other. Yet another good reason not to live in Texas and a good reason to institute a universal boycott on Texas and to help them secede. Sig heil, comrades!

The next logical scheme in anti-democracy (red) states is to authorize anyone to sue anyone suspicious (i.e. black, brown, or sporting a Biden or BLM bumper sticker on their Subaru) for attempted election fraud for trying to register or actually vote, or helping someone to do those things, or local election officials just trying to do their jobs. Texas is a leader there, too. Citizen enforcement is just the next step. The implications are only limited by one’s imagination. But what if a blue state does this? 

Maybe blue state people could sue anyone they suspect of promoting or repeating misinformation or disinformation about COVID vaccines. Or anyone perpetuating Trump’s big lie about a stolen 2020 election or supporting the Jan. 6 coup attempt in any way. Or of perpetuating wingnut QAnon conspiracies.

Maybe they could sue anyone they suspect of possessing, attempting to possess, thinking about possessing or helping someone else possess a military assault rifle, high capacity magazine or bump stock. Or any firearm that doesn’t use 1790s technology, i.e. a flintlock firing mechanism. This whole Texas scheme needs to be aborted before it develops any further. God bless Amerika.

– Carole McWilliams, Bayfield