A Grand escape

Whether smooth sailing or fraught with disaster, a river trip through the Grand Canyon is likely to peg the memory meter for a lifetime. Worthy of every single superlative language has to offer, it's hard to imagine a more storied and significant landscape in the U.S. The Colorado River's indescribable energy and the sheer magnitude of time represented within the canyon's walls are simply dumbfounding. It's almost easier to describe a dream than it is the Grand Canyon. Most of us have read, or at least heard, someone try a million times. But what left the biggest impression on me was leaving society's chaos and uncertainty behind for three entire weeks. It is vital to our mental health to connect with the natural world and "unplug.” It need not be for such a long duration (although it's certainly awesome) and it definitely doesn't have to be in the Grand Canyon. We Durangoans are blessed with easy access to many diverse places where we can get away from the overwhelming "nonessentials" of everyday life. Here's a look: