When the smoke clears

Doesn’t anybody work in this town? After 35 days of oppressive smoke, why wouldn’t Tuesday morning be perfect for summiting 13,077-foot Snowdon Peak? Snowdon is a staple landmark on the east side of Molas Pass that is relatively easy to access from Andrew’s Lake. If the mountain’s composition of billion-year-old quartzite or the active rock glaciers flanking its western slopes don’t inspire curiosity, the outstanding views of the Needles District located in the heart of the Weminuche Wilderness surely will.

Durangoans Michael Ackerman, left, and Ryan Blundell fathom the densely concentrated peaks of the Weminuche's Needles District.

Erica, left, and Keenan Kelly enjoy the sun and a snack above treeline.

Sierra Kelly, of Durango, scrambles her way to the summit.
Haley Tamberi climbs high above Molas Pass