Durango Outdoor Exchange
Outdoor gear consignment shop makes big moves

Durango Outdoor Exchange

The Durango Outdoor Exchange crew, from left: manager, Taylor Criswell, Owners, Jen and Chase LaCroix and token shop dogs, Tyson and Copper all in front of their new location inside the old Pizza Hut building on North Main Ave. / photo by Jennaye Derge

LOCAL FIRST: Fill us in on Durango Outdoor Exchange’s mission.


At Durango Outdoor Exchange, we want to provide access to adventure! By providing a place for used gear to be purchased at reasonable prices, we hope to eliminate some of the barriers people face when wanting to take on a new outdoor activity.

We also aim to give gear a second life and help consignors make money for their next adventure. People upgrade gear for a variety of reasons, and often their used gear is still in great condition. Customers can purchase a used pack, bike, or tent and be stoked to get out on the trails, while consignors make money they can use toward store credit or easily get paid a check once their gear sells.

LF: You’re moving! What will your new location have to offer? Why should we all be stoked about it?

DOE: Parking! That’s a big one, but really, there are lots of reasons we’re excited about our new location. We’ve remodeled the old Pizza Hut building (3677 Main Ave.), and it’s basically unrecognizable, other than the iconic roof. The inside provides a large, clean layout for gear to be displayed well, which will allow us to accept more used gear on consignment, providing a better selection for our customers.

The new shop sits in an ideal vicinity to adventure. It’s on the way to Purgatory and all the endless possibilities of fun that exist north

of town. It’s also close to the 32nd and Oxbow put-ins, and a few blocks from the River Trail and many in-town hiking and biking trails.

Our new parking lot will provide us the opportunity to do events, classes, and meet-ups that we’ve always wanted to incorporate into our business. We look forward to partnering with individuals, nonprofits, and other organizations to offer some really fun opportunities.

We’ll also be open for longer hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the winter and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the summer. Come shop at your convenience!

LF: What feeds the flame of your campfire (i.e., what feeds your passion)?

DOX: Each day, we get to experience the thrill of used gear getting a second life. Sometimes that means that an older person who is having back surgery consigns his barely used skis, and a 20-something scoops them up to have the best season of his life, on skis he couldn’t have afforded otherwise.

Or, it’s a single mom outfitting her three teenage boys in brand names they are thrilled to wear. And most days, it’s just someone like you and me, trying our best to make it in Durango, looking for a sweet deal on gear so we can get out and enjoy this incredible place in which we live.

The community itself and the relationships we have fostered are our favorite part of the shop. We try to know our customers’ names and show our genuine appreciation for their continued support. We are grateful to live in a unique and special place where people value local, independent business, and it’s provided us the ability to grow our business, our family, and our feeling of belonging.