Five Star Review

Five Star Review

San Juan Hand Therapy Inc. 

I never knew tandem mountain biking existed until a friend suggested I borrow his two-seated bicycle to take out with a guy I’d just started dating. It sounded fun, and it was a quick and adventurous test to see if he and I were

compatible. We had a blast! So we rode back to my place for celebratory beers. As he was getting off the bike, though, we both toppled over and I put my hand down, naively trying to catch myself, the bike, and my date. It might not have been heartbreak, but it hurt just the same.

After my life came to a painful halt, I needed to get things back to normal so I went to the place that all my friends were recommending: San Juan Hand Therapy. The locally owned, independent hand therapy clinic has been in Durango since 1996 and provides specialized treatment for hand, wrist, and elbow injuries and disorders. I’d been feeling pain in all three, and the Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) I saw didn’t just brush my pain off her shoulders (pun intended). Instead, she knew just what to do to keep my visits fun and entertaining in order to keep my mind off the fact that everyday tasks are really difficult without the use of a hand.

San Juan Hand Therapy was understanding of my struggle, and my therapist took my injury and my need to get back to life asap very seriously. She seemed to know all the answers and was able to walk me through my entire recovery, offering skilled wound care, therapeutic ultrasound, light therapy, active and passive range of motion, joint mobilization, and a crazy-effective technique called active release. She had just the right recipe to take care of me.

I was curious, so I asked: “ What is a Certified Hand Therapist anyway?” I found out that to be a CHT, one has to start out as either an occupational therapist or a physical therapist. From there, 4,500 hours of specialized training in the upper extremity is required. I also found out that, besides fractures, San Juan Hand Therapy treats things like arthritis, nerve injuries, tendon lacerations, repetitive motion injuries, and lymphedema, and they accept most insurances including Medicaid, Medicare, worker’s comp, and many private insurances.

This got me thinking that everyone I know needs to know about San Juan Hand Therapy. But for now, it was just me, and all I had was an injured hand and wrist, so I was fitted with an ultra-special Exos Splint that molded to me. When it was time for the splint to come off, I had the right recipe of home exercises to get me back to my normal life and back on those tandem bike dates.

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Silverwave Seafood

Imoved to Durango, Colorado for the same reason we all do: the mountains, the nearby desert, biking, rafting, skiing, the people, the breweries..I mean, the list can go on and on. But, the one thing our landlocked state was really missing was true blue, high quality, sustainable seafood.

Coming from the Pacific Coast, I grew up eating wild-caught salmon and I have a hard time living without it. Yes, there are restaurants and markets that tout their fresh fish, but when you come from the coast like I do, you tend to know the difference between farmed fresh and wild caught salmon.

Wild caught salmon is known for its heart-healthy, immune-boosting powers, lean protein and Omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation, improve heart function and lower blood pressure. It is also rich in antioxidants and high in Vitamin D and B which help maintain healthy and strong bones, and supports aerobic energy metabolism. This is not the case with farmed salmon which, studies have shown, actually contain cancer-causing agents and has a terrible ecological impact. And, unfortunately, farmed salmon is what 80% of the U.S. usually consumes.

So, when I came across Silver Wave Seafood Co., I was so happy I could swim upstream.

I bumped into Silver Wave Seafood Co., on accident. I was running errands in town and stumbled upon their C.S.S. (sort of like C.S.A.’s, but it’s community supported seafood instead of community supported agriculture) and started chatting with MJ, one of the owners who told me that her partner, Eric was currently in Alaska catching the very fish that was sitting packaged right before my eyes.

She told me that her and Eric’s lifelong dreams were to mix their love for the ocean with their love of the mountains--and since Eric’s passion lies in sustainable fishing and wild caught salmon, they both agreed that they had to somehow connect the two.

Now, the two spend their time split between Alaska and Colorado; spending summers in AK to stock up on Wild Salmon, locally process it, and then bring it back to Colorado for us lucky ones to enjoy. Then they spend their winters in Colorado skiing the local powder and enjoying Durango’s backyard.

At that moment that I found out about Silver Wave, my life was complete; Colorado finally had everything I could ever ask for.

Salmon like you

Five Star Review