Rivergate Pharmacy
Owner, Lori Kearney tells us what sets her apart from the crowd

Rivergate Pharmacy

Owner, Lori Kearney helps a customer with his pharmacy needs / courtesy photo

LOCAL FIRST: What is Rivergate Pharmacy’s philosophy?


Our philosophy is really our mission statement, which is to enhance the health and well-being of our customers and community. We do this by providing compassionate, attentive service that exceeds expectations and that demonstrates our responsiveness, professionalism, integrity, and respect for all who walk through our doors. We value personal relationships and want our customers and patients to feel like we know them by name.

LF: What sets you apart from other pharmacies?

RG: We are Durango’s only locally owned pharmacy. This means we’re able to address unique individual needs in ways that the chain drug stores cannot. We are here not only to help patients find solutions to their healthcare needs, but to help prevent them from having problems with their medication regimen.

We also offer in-house compounding, which means that if a patient, their child, or their pet needs a medication that’s not commercially available, we can usually compound that medication to fit their unique situation, and we do it all on site. If a patient is looking for something that’s not readily available, we can research our vendors to get that product for them. We’re also the only pharmacy in our area that offers a free delivery service, a free vitamin program for our local kids, and a range of medical equipment and supplies.

LF: What can patients expect from a visit to you?

RG: They can expect to be greeted by our friendly, professional, and knowledgeable team. We care about our patients’ health and will take the time to answer questions. We want our patients to have the best results possible from their medications; as such, we also offer scheduled consults and synchronized medications for better medication management.

LF: Why should people choose Rivergate for their health needs?

RG: Because we’re a locally owned pharmacy, and because we’re committed to our community and our patients’ health and well-being. It sounds cliche?, but we truly do care. As an independent pharmacy owner, we have to contend with the corporate chain pharmacy competition that’s out there. So every patient and customer makes a difference.

My husband Pat and I have lived in Durango and worked in the healthcare field here for over 33 years. We are invested in La Plata County, and we want to be Durango’s local community pharmacy. We really appreciate all that Local First does to support and promote our local, independent businesses. Small business owners need to support each other, especially in a small community like ours, and Local First creates an opportunity to do that in a more collaborative and intentional way.

LF: What additional services does Rivergate offer?

RG: Along with our medication delivery service and medication consults, we offer BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement) counseling, pharmaceutical-grade CBD products, compounded prescriptions for people and pets, pharmacogenetic testing, immunizations (including travel vaccines in collaboration with Dr. Jay Mathers), medical compression garments that are ready made or custom-fitted, and our own line of Rivergate-brand supplements.

One of our streamlined services, Synchronized Medication Management, means that we will work with patients’ providers and insurance companies to get all their meds approved and coordinated so they can pick them up upon refill all at once, saving them time and hassle.

Whew, we really do a lot! We strive to go above and beyond to set ourselves apart as a local pharmacy, to make life a little bit easier and better for our patients and for our community.