Sunnyside Farms Market

Sunnyside Farms Market

An employee prepares ground beef for sale at the Sunnyside Farms Market located near Walmart. / Photo by Jennaye Derge


A walk in the woods is nice. A walk on the wild side can be pretty rAfun. A Walk to Remember can get us nostalgic. But a walk on the sunny side, well, that just sounds like a walk we could all take. Walking into Sunnyside Farms Market over on S. Camino Del Rio might not include a rendition from Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra or Frank Sinatra's serenade, but it'll put a smile on your face just the same. Owned and operated by local Durangoen, Holly Zink, the 17 year old butcher shop gives a lot of people reason to get happy starting with its rich family history and followed by its local and sustainable quality meats.

Holly Zink was born and raised in Durango by a family laden with farming and ranching roots, soaking it all up as much as she could. As a kid, Holly remembers running around the family farm, driving tractors, playing in alfalfa fields, and handling livestock. That farm, known and loved by locals as Sunnyside Farms, holds special meaning for Holly not only because it was where she grew up, but also because it was her guiding light of sorts through those cloudy unknown days that many 20-something-year olds grapple with. As so many of us do, she went to college in another city to find her path, but in the meantime her path was waiting for her back home in Durango. With some guidance from her dad, a few more life lessons, some classes, internships and a lot of panache in a very male-dominated industry, Holly eventually found her way back home to form a partnership with Sunnyside Farms and opened up Durango's local butcher shop, Sunnyside Farms Market.

That was in 2002 and over those years, the market has seen some changes such as the recent move in the Spring of 2018 from inside of Nature's Oasis to their own store front at 1135 S. Camino Del Rio Suite 220. What hasn't changed though is Holly's mission and ethical practices when it comes to running a local butcher shop. The shop believes in sourcing from local ranchers and farmers who parallel Holly's mission in sustainable practices, responsible land stewardship and humane animal treatment. The majority of Sunnyside's meat is locally grown and always raised without the use of synthetic hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. And if she can't get the meat locally, she will research the source and make sure that the animals and the land are being cared for in a way that meets Sunny-side's standards. These are expectations that create a business that not only makes a quality product, but will always look out for and care about its community, the earth, and the connection between the two.

This farm to table model is the epitome of what Holly grew up with and now strives for. She has a foot in both farm and table and when you're at hers, there is more than enough space for the local community to sit and share what will surely be a delicious meal on the sunny side of the street.

Sunnyside Farms Market

The inside of Sunnyside Market showcasing a plethora of locally raised, sustainably sourced and all-natural meat products. / Photo by Jennaye Derge