Zia Taqueria

Zia Taqueria

Zia's managment team holding up a fresh plate of chile rellenos / Monique DiGiorgio

Zia has been a staple in Durango for a long time, what makes Zia such a favorite in our community?

For the most part, it’s pretty simple, and it all comes down to our mission: offer good food at reasonable prices. Our menu is flexible, so everyone can get something they love that fits their dietary needs – including little kids – without spending a fortune.

Beyond that, we think the community likes to support local business that gives back, so we do a lot of that. People like to eat food they feel good about, and we work hard to source quality, local, non-GMO, organic products whenever possible. We make everything from scratch. You can feel good about the quality

and nutritional profile of what you are getting at Zia.

What does our local scene and “community” mean to you?

We try not to lose sight of the fact that our employees, customers, friends, neighbors, and beneficiaries are all the same people. We give back to people and organizations doing great things in this community because we are thankful for the loyalty that our locals have shown us for the past 14 years.

Zia is a huge supporter of local farmers, why is this so important to you and everyone else?

Keeping money local is critical for our economy. Our customers have chosen to support a local business, and it’s our obligation to spend that money on local products.

Local food decreases the carbon footprint associated with food transport. It’s generally organic and supports healthy soils and ecosystems. It’s fresher and more nutrient dense. Supporting local food means supporting local farmers, ranchers, food producers, and their families.

Why is your food SO GOOD?? I mean, really, it’s so good.

Because it’s made from premium ingredients - with LOVE! Seriously.

Do you want to talk about the new location? I’m sure everyone has burning ears!


Yes! We plan to break ground on a mixed use building next month. We hope to have Zia open in our new location by Summer of 2020. The building features a new home for Zia with patio seating, a rooftop bar & patio space, indoor meeting space, a San Juan Smiles office on the second floor, and two retail units on the ground floor (currently available for lease). Our hope is to keep our current location on North Main for another Fast-Casual concept: details to be determined.