Thumbin' It

  • Apparently, local solar arrays are making so much energy that daytime electricity needs are being met. The downside: there's nowhere for the excess to go, forcing LPEA to put the brakes on new solar installations in the meantime.
  • A teacher has created a secret shelf of banned book in a Texas school. The state recently banned "sexually explicit, pervasively vulgar or educationally unsuitable books" on topics like reproductive rights and fighting racism. Because none of that exists in Texas.
  • NASA is looking for a few people to test out its Mars simulator for a full year. We can think of a few candidates – and they can take their new gold sneakers with them.
  • Russian opposition leader Alexsei Navalny's death in a Russian penal colony known for its brutal conditions. Just glad we live in a country where we can say (or write): Putin sucks.
  • In the wake of legal fees, Trump is hawking $399 gold lamé "Never Surrender High-Tops," which apparently sold out online. Guess we can expect to see lots of these at the next MAGA rally, but certainly not playing basketball – or any sport for that matter.
  • Dropping a knee for extreme telemark skiing pioneer and all-around badass Kasha Rigby, who died in an avalanche on Feb. 13. We're not sure if she still teled at age 54, but if she did, extra badass points.