Thumbin' It

  • Cold temperatures and early season snow making for favorable conditions for Purg to lay down a base and open with top-to-bottom skiing this weekend, a far cry from last year
  • Vaping juggernaut Juul announcing it will stop selling flavored e-cigarettes and discontinue social media promotions in an effort to stem the teen vaping epidemic
  • ER doctors across the country raising their voices and calling for a lift of the gun-violence research ban after the NRA tweeted for them to "stay in their lane" on gun-safety issues
  • Confirmation of what appears to be a growing climate of hate and intolerance, with the FBI reporting that hate crimes were up 17 percent in 2017 over 2016
  • Monday morning's surprise snowstorm catching road crews and commuters off guard and resulting in icy roads, snarled traffic and accidents throughout town
  • More cataclysmic fires in California, with the Camp Fire annihilating an entire town and claiming at least 49 lives with 200 still missing