Thumbin' It

  • Lake Nighthorse feeling the love this year, with a 14% increase in visitation, amounting to about 107,250 people. See? All it took was the age old "bouncy" water park, always a kid (and adult) favorite.
  • The Town of Ridgway granting "rights" to the Uncompahgre River, a symbolic move many towns are taking to highlight the importance of water in the West. Power to the rivers!
  • Well, despite a (literally) rocky start, Purgatory was able to pull off a limited opening last Saturday. A winter storm this week should bring some snow to the mountains.
  • The arrival of Black Friday, the one day of the year we can forget about putting on airs of a civilized society and channel our inner-Frank Costanza to trample our fellow man for the most beautiful doll.
  • Two orphan moose calves in Silverton prompting calls to slow down when driving roads around the mountains after the mother was struck by a car. I mean, that's Bambi-sad 2x.
  • Reports that due to higher food prices, many Americans will be forced to eat reasonable portions on Thanksgiving. Oh wait, that was The Onion. Never mind, let the feast begin!