Thumbin' It

  • The approval of the largest dam demolition in history for the lower Klamath River, opening up hundreds of miles of salmon habitat. Does, um, anyone have any beta on the whitewater down there?
  • The U.S. Men's Team giving it a go at the 2022 World Cup. As long as we don't commit any fumbles, defend the blue line and make our free throws, we think we have a shot.
  • Former VP Mike Pence the latest high-profile Republican to defect from Trump. Takeaway: if you call for a mob to hang a person, you're probably not going to keep that person as a friend. 
  • The horrible, disgusting, tragic killing of five people, with many more injured, at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ bar. Oh, and a completely preventable one if we as a nation cared to do anything at all about gun reform.
  • The massive collapse of crypto giant FTX and a major shock to future attempts to monetize a currency that only exists in the imagination.
  • Like something out of The Onion, the National Park Service's cheeky Halloween joke on social media calling for people to stop licking toads was taken very seriously by news outlets everywhere, including NPR. Doesn't NPR know? We lick Tide pods; not toads.