Thumbin' It

  • Tri-State Generation and Transmission changing its coal-heavy ways with plans to join a real-time energy market that favors cheaper renewables and more renewable energy development
  • The state of New Mexico tackling the education gap by announcing it will offer free tuition to its public colleges and universities to all state residents, regardless of income
  • More singletrack options on the west side of the San Juans, with the San Juan National Forest proposing three new trails in the Rico area
  • The Trump administration revoking California's authority to set fuel economy standards for cars, a move that could have ramifications for Colorado, which is moving to adopt the same standards
  • A Washington Post analysis of global temperatures that found in the last century, numerous locations around the globe already warmed by 2 degrees Celsius, a number scientists have identified as the global-warming tipping point
  • The law of threes claiming three iconic American voices in the last week, including '80s rockers Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek, and NPR political commentator Cokie Roberts