Thumbin' It

  • La Plata County taking preemptive steps to prevent a massive wildfire by enacting Stage 1 fire restrictions.
  • After the success at saving Westside Mobile Park, residents at another Durango mobile home park were able recently to buy their park. About 12 homes will now be preserved at Triangle Trailer Park, west of town.
  • A Colorado judge ruling Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters will not be allowed to oversee the 2022 election, probably a good call seeing as how the radicalized politician has been charged with, oh you know, tampering with elections.
  • Tortilla La Flor co-owner Flor Rodriguez hospitalized after her hand was severely injured while preparing food last week. Anyone who wants to help can go to
  • Southwest Colorado experiencing some serious Dust Bowl vibes after an endless onslaught of wind and dust recently, with no end in sight.
  • More human remains found in Lake Mead, sparking mob speculation, as the reservoir continues to dry up. Who knows, maybe one day they'll find the car key I lost at the Durango Dog Park there at the bottom along with Jimmy Hoffa.