Thumbin' It

  • Snowdown announcing some extra precautions amid a surge in COVID. Organizers say if you aren't feeling well, have a headache or sore throat, please stay home.
  • The anti-vax movement now telling people to drink their own urine as an alternative to the COVID vaccine. Do it. Drink your own pee, make the 'rona go away. God speed!
  • As of March, kiteboarding will now be allowed at Navajo State Park, after approval from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Sure, it may be a little chillier than the shores of Hawaii, but we're mountain people; we can handle it.
  • An uptick in reports of people feeding wildlife. One person, in Forest Lakes, left their garage door open so deer could come in and eat from hay bales. Surely you have someone else, ideally a human being, you can invite to dinner, no?
  • Durango Police forced to limit some non-emergency services as COVID-19 cases spike in the community. Calling 9-1-1 for a chicken nugget emergency still not OK.
  • U.S. greenhouse gas emissions rising more than 6% from 2020-21, kind of the opposite direction that statistic should be headed, given, you know, climate change and stuff like that.