Thumbin' It

  • The Durango City Council taking a bold stand (no pun intended) by banning sitting and lying on downtown sidewalks in an effort to address recent problems and safety concerns
  • The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project re-opening the contentious debate about wolf reintroduction in Colorado and trying to bring all sides together to find compromise
  • A change of venue for the trial of Great Old Broad Rose Chilcoat and husband, Mark, after a judge ruled the two, accused of endangering cattle, would not receive a fair shake in San Juan County, Utah
  • Colorado lagging behind when it comes to mental health care, ranking 43rd worst in the country for overall state of mental health and ninth-highest in number of suicides
  • A scary twist on wildfire season, with arson suspected in at least five recent fires in Montezuma County
  • A recent report from Protect Our winters detailing the potential fall-out of human-caused climate change on the snowsports industry, which contributes $72 billion in economic activity and nearly 700,000 jobs