Thumbin' It

  • The return of La Plata County Search & Rescue Pancake Breakfast (canceled last year) on Sunday, a great fundraiser for our local search and rescue team.
  • A new report estimating President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act could result in nearly 92,000 clean energy jobs, with Colorado having the largest share at around 25,000.
  • What appears to be the nail in the coffin for the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska, which would have had a huge impact on one of the world's largest salmon breeding grounds.
  • Mercy Hospital attracting statewide media attention for its ban on women getting their tubes tied, raising questions about reproductive rights.
  • Wyoming lawmakers proposing a bill that would ban electric vehicle sales by 2035. Freedoms?
  • A report that 25 people were charged with selling nearly 8,000 fake nursing degrees. That's health care in America: fake nurses are better than no nurses.