Thumbin' It

  • Colorado Democrats reintroducing the CORE Act in Congress with the hopes of finally protecting an estimated 420,000 acres of public lands, many of which are located in SW Colorado.
  • Hey, the Denver Nuggets are in the NBA Finals! Did we just learn that yesterday randomly from someone in the office? Sure, maybe. But still, go Nugs!
  • Levi Strauss blue jeans turning an impressive 150 years old. Nothing says America quite like blue jeans – except for, well, mass shootings and lack of access to affordable health care.
  • The first reported rafting death in Colorado this season after a boat flipped on the Dolores River, downstream of Slickrock. With water levels on the rise, be careful out there!
  • A new report finding the global loss of wildlife is worse than feared, with humans wiping out huge numbers of species and pushing more to the brink.
  • The Surgeon General warning social media can put young people's mental health in danger. Oh, fighting with strangers on the internet every day has a negative impact? What a shock.