Thumbin' It

  • The City of Durango exploring the option of partially closing down Main Avenue to traffic to allow stores and restaurants to expand their outdoor capacity in the wake of the coronavirus
  • Social media platforms finally taking a stand against rampant fake news and conspiracy theories, with Twitter recently refuting a post by Donald Trump that contained blatant inaccuracies
  • A win for the beleaguered sage grouse, with a U.S. judge ruling that the Trump administration failed to protect habitat for the declining species and canceling energy leases on 470 square miles of public land in Montana and Wyoming
  • The pandemic and worries over cross-contamination leading to a new surge in plasticware, from straws to utensils and take-out containers
  • The already-strapped Durango School District 9-R looking at a potential 15 percent shortfall in next year's budget due to declining state revenues
  • Memorial Day revelers who ignored public health guidelines and gathered en masse and unmasked throughout the country, from Daytona Beach to Lake of the Ozarks, only to return home with any germs they may have picked up along the way