Thumbin' It

  • Predictions from the U.S. Forest Service that this year's leaf-peeping will be especially good thanks for the summer's robust monsoon season.
  • A survey of the Animas River showing fish populations have recovered since debris flows and mudslides off the 416 Fire burn scar in 2018 killed an estimated 80% of trout populations in the river.
  • After two decades in the works, legislation finally being introduced that would create the Dolores River National Conservation Area, adding protections for the river (or what's left of it) as it flows through Dolores and San Miguel counties.
  • A growing number of tourist destinations, such as Iceland, being overrun with people illegally camping, trespassing and littering, leading some areas to require visitors to sign a pledge to respect the rules.
  • Reports in The Denver Post that people have been caught taking tarantulas during the hairy spiders' migration/mating season near La Junta. I mean, really? What are we doing here people?
  • The pandemic marking another grim milestone, with one in 500 Americans having died of COVID-19, a disproportionate number of them Black, Latino, Native American and Alaskan Native.