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Local real estate firm owner Dan Korman makes home buying feel like home

Alpenglow Properties

courtesy photo provided by Dan Korman

There’s a theory that floats around Durango that if you live in our small city even once, and if you ever attempt to move away, you’ll always return. Resident Dan Korman is no exception. He’s the owner of the local real estate firm Alpenglow Properties, and after leaving town 15 years ago, his return came as a pleasant albeit risky surprise.

In 2004, Korman was living in Durango and graduated from Fort Lewis College before moving back to Colorado Springs to study the art of real estate under his dad. That’s where Korman experienced the early effects of the oncoming recession in 2007. But instead of letting the slowing economy worry him, his imagination stepped in and helped him come up with other ideas.

He decided to move to New Orleans with a friend to live in an area of potential growth, and he obtained his employing broker’s license and founded his own business, Korman Gerrity Real Estate. Then, in 2014, as fate would have it, Korman sold half of the company to embrace the inevitable move back to Durango.

“I love to travel. Anytime I travel anywhere, whether it’s to a different state or to another country, I’m so happy every time I return, knowing that Durango is ‘home.’ I think we all share that,” Korman says.

He’s right: the people who have chosen to live in Durango do so because we love to call this area “home.” We love leaving and then coming back with the same feeling of excitement that’s special to our little mountain town.

Home ownership may be difficult in this area, but with the right person, especially a person who shares similar sentiments and who has a high standard of professionalism and an extensive and strong network, the intimidating logistics can become clearer and easier to navigate.

“I highly recommend having a professional on your side to tell you these things,” Korman says. “To navigate the property search and to understand the market, the paperwork, the closing and post-closing aspects of buying or selling a home. Having the vendors and the expertise to support you when you might need a plumber, an electrician, or anyone else.”

If you’re one of the many people who has met Korman, you know that his strengths lie in his network. His web of quality contacts is on call to help any of his clients at any time, and that’s because he’s apt to step up to the plate at the drop of a hat to help friends who might be in need.

“I believe that society can only be better if you help other people. I know that giving back to my community ultimately enhances everyone’s life, and that directly impacts my business relationships,” Korman says.
“Every time I work with someone, we end up becoming friends and they become part of my network. Durango is cool like that, and it’s why I love living and working here.”

As it turns out, a lot of us want to call Durango home because of the amazing community and insanely beautiful and accessible backyard. Korman’s mission is to give us our wish. As he sees it, being called back to Durango earlier than the expected retirement age is an incredible blessing.

In the almost five years it’s been since Korman moved back, he’s gotten married, had a daughter, bought two houses, grown and sold his business in New Orleans, and started a new business here in Durango that has flourished under his leadership. Alpenglow Properties began as a solo project for Korman but now employs several brokers who work with buyers and sellers of residential properties. Alpenglow Properties not only assists in home sales, but also works with buyers, sellers, and tenants/landlords of commercial properties and offers property management services.

“It’s the high-energy marketing and consideration for our clients’ needs and goals that sets Alpenglow Properties apart from the rest of the other brokerages,” Korman says.

But it’s also because Korman is well-versed in multi-tasking and has many talents under his wings.

“It’s funny, I’m a real estate broker, a friend, a counselor, a financial adviser, the front desk lady, a marketing person, a psychologist, a doormat—all of those things wrapped into one,” Korman jokes.

But he’s also the person who will ensure that you have all the right tools when you’re selling, that you get the best prices when you’re buying, and that you gain helpful and knowledgeable friends throughout the whole experience.

“I know that I can provide a service that people aren’t getting elsewhere,” Korman says.

He’s always striving to move forward and always pushing for “better.” When it comes to Dan Korman, there is no slowdown, going backwards, or stagnation. He exudes energy and is not one for resting on his laurels.

“My goal is to work with forward-thinking entities and people who want to ensure longevity for their business here in Durango. It’s the epitome of why I do what I do,” he says.

Besides the fact that real estate is in Korman’s bones, he has a new motivation for his unwavering drive.

“I want to make sure that my daughter has a wonderful future here, and that our society and our community continue to be smart about our growth. We should remain cognizant about how we build Durango’s future, as we’re going to see an influx of people and will have to deal with that growth intelligently. Realtors will have a strong voice in that conversation, and I want my clients to help drive that,” he says.

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