Cosmic Love
Creating art forĀ the Everyday

Cosmic Love

Justin Adair with his mural, "Cosmic Love"

Missy VotelĀ  - 11/12/2020

Speaking of making art in dark times, astute readers of the Telegraph will recall the Tim Burtoneqsue cover photo on Oct. 29. The painting was done by fourth-generation Durango native Justin Adair, who reached out to us from overseas to shed more light on the work.

A personal trainer by day, Adair was approached by the manager of the Everyday gas station on the corner of College and 8th, who is also a friend of his, to paint a new mural on the side of the station. The wall, which recently featured a Black Lives Matter mural, gets changed up every few months to feature work from new local artists.

For his work, “Cosmic Love,” Adair chose an iconic scene based on Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

“The idea was to have a scene that represents togetherness and love,” said Adair, who did not receive any money for his work and paid for all of the paint and materials himself. “I did this because I believe we need more real messages of positivity, color and passion in this world. Plus, this is the best and beautiful way for making a statement.”

(Adair also happens to be a former active duty Marine, so happy belated Veteran’s Day.)

To see more of his work, check him out on Instagram at justindrewadair.