Making the rounds
Looking for a way to leave your permanent mark on Durango? Now's your chance ...

Making the rounds
Missy Votel - 12/07/2023

Looking for a way to leave your permanent mark on Durango? Now’s your chance – the City is holding a design contest for a new mini roundabout planned for E. 32nd St. and E. 3rd Ave., otherwise known as the “32nd Street Traffic Calming Design Project.”

“The final piece of the design is to create artwork for the interior circle of the mini roundabout,” Devin King, multimodal manager for the city, said. “This artwork is key for differentiating the mini roundabout from the rest of the roadway and giving it character.”

But you better hurry, designs are only being accepted through Fri., Dec. 8. To help spur your brainstorm, we came up with a few ideas of our own:

• A giant innertube, complete with drunken tuber

• A Buddha (very calming)

• “Roundabout of History 2.0,” just kidding, we never want to go through that drama ever again

• A replica of the steaming pile of poop, er, rocks, on 550 north of town, complete with “no climbing” signs that tourists blatantly ignore

• Merry go round-a-bout

• Giant doughnut, with sprinkles

• Tribute to prog rock band Yes and its 1971 song “Roundabout”

• Starbucks drive thru

To submit your ideas (or feel free to use these here) go to: 

And speaking of the City of Durango, for years, many of us have been perplexed and/or downright puzzled by the city’s web address, which ended in a “dotorg” instead of the more commonplace “dotgov.”

Well, stress not, intrepid internet surfer. Starting in 2024, the City will be migrating its website from the old one,, to the more official sounding

According to city officials, this is to ensure the public that they are dealing with the City’s official website and not one created by a Russian hacker in his parents’ basement. Apparently, just about anyone with a google email and an internet connection can register a .com or .org domain for a fee. 

According to the City, a “.gov” domain is only available to U.S. government entities and must be approved by the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency. The City of Durango has been approved by the security agency and is working on transitioning over to the new, more legit webpage as we speak.

Whew, glad we got that settled.