Our local comic-con shero
Here to save us--After her morning coffee

Our local comic-con shero
Jennaye Derge - 01/17/2019

In a galaxy not far away, there was a superhero who couldn’t fly. She couldn’t become invisible, or turn into any sort of arachnid. She could jump pretty far, but she couldn’t leap or bound over tall buildings. She couldn’t break through walls with a single kick, or karate-chop anything in half unless it was something that was soft and could tear easily.

She couldn’t save lives, predict the future, or read minds. She was pretty strong, but she probably couldn’t lift cars in the air unless she really, really tried. And until she’s had her morning coffee, our hero can’t solve any crimes.

But in this galaxy, our superhero is still a hero.

Her name is “The Localist” and she’s fighting crime daily. She saves the innocent not by swinging from spiderwebs, but by showing up day after day to make the choice to give local, independent businesses a voice. A voice that’s being captured not by slimy, frothy-mouthed

villains but by big-boxes, big malls, big suits, and big cyber-shopping carts.

Our Localist hero straps on a cape every day to make sure that our community remains both unique in its quality of living and economically resilient. She promises a community that continues to support people, the planet, and prosperity for everyone by choosing to shop locally and responsibly.

So the next time you hear a “KABOOM!!” or a “KABAM!!” it probably isn’t our superhero saving anyone from a burning building (maybe cover your head, though), and our hero is not in a galaxy far, far away. Localists are your neighbors and your friends, here to remind you that the next time you shop, try to be our hero and think local first.

The Localist’s guide to helping you shop local for SNOWDOWN

Do you want to look as good as our superhero? La Plata County Humane Society is always a good bet for any costume. 1111 S. Camino Del Rio

 If you’re looking to KAPOW! and ZAP! with style, Silk Sparrow has various tights and corsets to make sure you fight with zest. 801 Main Ave
1Get Greeky with Medusa at Animas Trading Co. There are hats, gloves, wigs, etc galore. Just be sure that if you take home the slithering ser- pents you don’t poke anyone’s eye out.
742 Main
You can’t have this mannequin, but you can have her awesome style. Durango Antique Market not only has a plethora of costumes, but also a variety of old comic books. 780 Main Ave