Calling new voices
Retooned passing sketchpad torch to underrepresented voices 

Calling new voices
Shan Wells - 01/28/2021

A few weeks ago, I wrote that I needed, as a white man, to step back and listen. I think 2020 made it very clear that our country needs to do the same. For far too long, far too many voices have gone unheard. New ideas are necessary

"Self Portait," by Tatyana Trujillo

for paradigm shifts. Change does not happen in a monoculture. In this spirit, The Telegraph and I are extremely proud to introduce a new editorial stance. Going forward this space will showcase alternative and underrepresented voices.
I’m pleased to introduce the first in our series of guest cartoonists, Tatyana Trujillo – an activist, artist, poet and social advocate for her community. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with a minor in pre-law in 2020 from FLC. Her most visible work was the BLM mural on the Everyday gas station on College Drive, a collaboration with artist Ali Wolfe. Tatyana is currently a graduate student in Chicana/o studies at the University of New Mexico. 
For me, Retooned has always been about “retuning” perceptions. Please open your mind and heart to the ideas you will now see here, as we seek to, in the words of poet Amanda Gorman, “raise this wounded world into a wondrous one.”