Be outraged

Three of our wolf pups that crossed the border of northern Colorado into Wyoming were killed by Wyoming hunters. Is this what should happen to an animal that was endangered, and also known to be a keystone species in improving the health of an ecosystem? Aren’t you outraged?

How can we reintroduce wolves in Colorado if this happens in Wyoming, as well as Montana and Idaho? Also, people are using horrid methods to kill wolves, which are allowed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (although a judge in Montana outlawed snaring). In Idaho, any wolf can be shot on sight. If this is to be the fate of Colorado wolves, I would ask that we vote again on wolf reintroduction. I am an ecologist and voted for wolf reintroduction, but now that I see the fate of wolves I do not want any introduction.

Use social media to protest. Take action and donate to Western Environmental Law Center, Defenders of Wildlife and/or the Endangered Species Coalition. Also, contact U.S Secretary of the Interior Deb Halaand, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and President Joe Biden to stop the slaughter. Contact Wyoming, Idaho and Montana’s fish and game departments. Write editorials in newspapers in these states, including statements that you and others will not visit these states until they stop the slaughter. Tell Colorado Parks and Wildlife not to go ahead with their plan to kill any wolf that kills livestock. Instead, ranches should have dogs bred to deter wolves, as they do in France.

– Margaret Mayer, Durango