Big ups to patrollers

Special thanks to the Purgatory Ski Patrol team, who saved my leg after an unexpected flight from a trail down into an aspen field. When it was assessed that my knee was not going to work, the call to ski patrol was answered quickly by Camille. We decided to immobilize my knee before attempting to move me into a toboggan, and then I was belayed up the hill by an all-women crew. Next I was taken for a quick trip to ski patrol office, noting that Urgent Care again had no providers and was closed (so much for service there).

Another patroller spotted the blood now showing and exposed a serious gash in my leg that would require closure by a plastic surgeon. My orthopedic surgeon noted that while my kneecap was smashed into pieces like corn flakes, all pieces were totally contained and sitting right where they belonged. Thanks to the immobilization, quick ambulance ride and skilled surgeons, my knee will be ready to ski next season. 

But we need to recognize the amazingly skilled, hardworking – and not well compensated – patrollers that devote their days to our safety, both before we get on a trail and after we miss the trail and end up hurt.

Thank you Purgatory Ski Patrol.

Lynne Murison, Durango