Boebert blasts again

It is amusing, yet sad, to get Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s take on how she perceives her world. A few quotes to illustrate my point. “I connect with the people I serve, rather than sitting at home in a basement like most Leftists,” she said recently. This comment was regarding an investigation of Boebert in which she allegedly used $22,000 from her campaign coffers she claimed was for mileage reimbursements to pay $20,000 in tax liens on her restaurant in Rifle. The liens by the State of Colorado were for failure to pay Colorado unemployment premiums.

Boebert also reimbursed herself nearly $21,200 from her campaign in November 2020, according to campaign finance records, equal to roughly 38,000 miles driven, or about 13,000 miles longer than the circumference of the Earth. The campaign later amended filings with the Federal Election Commission to list more than $17,000 in a mileage reimbursement. Oops, extra 20,000 miles there!

Here’s another Boebert quote: “The saddest thing about the fentanyl crisis is that it is preventable.” Indeed, as are mass shootings if assault-style weapons are banned; as is climate change if we move away from fossil fuels; as is a shrinking middle class if we empower democracy over profits.

Boebert’s reaction? Legislation such as “The 30x30 Termination Act” – a regressive response to progressive legislation aimed protecting 30% of U.S. lands and ocean territories by 2030. Boebert’s plan would instead capitalize on natural landscapes and resources. But Boebert’s thoughts on natural resources are even more regressive, as she opposes the CORE Act and the Colorado Wilderness Act. So instead, she introduced the “Fix Our Forests Act,” which appropriates $126 million annually for the U.S. Department of the Interior to mandate a yearly logging quota of 6 billion board feet of timber – with no provision that it must be beetle-killed timber or that any part of the quota comes from Colorado forests.

But perhaps my favorite quote from Boebert is: “Add mutilating children to the National Institute of Horrors’ (National Institutes of Health) long list of funding evil research, which already includes gain-of-function research in Wuhan, scalping aborted babies and fusing their skin to lab rats, organ harvesting aborted babies’ genitalia, and insects eating dogs’ faces off.” 

Not sure if her GED led her to that conclusion or some other in-depth research into some fictional world. We need a new representative with integrity, intelligence and an ability to think instead of simply react.

Tim Thomas,  Durango