“Write to your congressperson,” they say, if you’re not happy with the way things are. At the age of 61, I just wrote my first letter to my congressperson.

Apparently Lauren Boebert is my representative. I wrote to point out that half of the voters in District 3 did not vote for her. I reminded her that the job she was elected to perform is that of representing the people of District 3 – those who voted for her as well as those who did not. 

I also expressed my opinion that her unexpectedly lackluster performance in the midterm election (along with other Republicans) illustrates the general public’s disgust and disenchantment with the current epidemic of partisan antics running amok in America.

Finally, I asked her to please avoid the urge to use her position to further her own right-wing agenda and instead to concentrate on performing the job she was elected to do: representing her constituents. All of us, even the ones who didn’t vote for her.

I harbor very little hope that my letter will have any effect on Boebert’s actions. But we cannot expect our representatives to represent us unless we tell them what we want. I urge everyone to write to their representatives and communicate their thoughts in a respectful, businesslike manner. That seems like a much better approach than complaining and arguing with strangers on the internet. 

– Don Baldwin, Durango