Bring good business

I did a little research on the candidates for Durango City Council, and to no surprise, they all want to cure homelessness! Of course, the current City council ran on the same promise as did their predecessors. Only one candidate, Carter Rogers, took a stand to embrace local businesses with fewer restrictions and regulations. David Woodruff has the background to support the local business community.

One of the keys to eliminating homelessness is the opportunity to get a good paying job locally. The City Council rates a solid “F” on being business friendly. Twenty-five years ago, Will Williams’ only job at La Plata Electric Association was to bring companies to Bodo Park that would create good jobs and support the community. Unfortunately, the powers that be are more interested in buzz words like justice, equality and inclusion. Those same buzz words have a lot more meaning if there was a concerted effort to bring more businesses to the area. And those new businesses might even become Telegraph advertisers!

– Dennis Pierce, Durango