Build the garage!

You now have a golden opportunity. Please consider taking advantage of this gift. The city-owned property on the corner of Camino del Rio and College Drive that is now leased to the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad for parking can either solve the city’s biggest problem or make things much worse.

If you choose to develop a multi-level parking garage on that site, this town will benefit immediately. The railroad could continue to have parking space, and the city would gain the long-needed parking facility that alleviates the drastic shortage of parking in town.

If you choose to sell this parcel to a real estate developer for another retail, hotel or business development, the railroad loses parking (tourists will have to park somewhere else), traffic will increase in that already congested area and the city will continue to suffer with nowhere for anyone – local or tourist – to park.

Please take this gift, and use it to benefit everyone that lives, works or visits Durango. Being a downtown resident, I implore you to make the correct decision.

– Michael Peterson, Durango