Cadillac health coverage for all

To the editor,

Under the Affordable Care Act, most Coloradans have poor health insurance with high premiums, narrow provider networks and a deductible so high they can’t afford to see a doctor anyway, even when ill. The horrible policy options now available are why so many Coloradans have decided to take the huge risk of going without ANY coverage, and pay the ACA penalty. 

Few people are happy with this dismal picture. Insurance companies are fine with it, since legally they are under NO mandate to provide any minimum level of coverage and can raise rates as they please. And my goodness how they exercise those ACA allowances!

Current profit-driven insurance rates will jump 17 percent in 2017, increasing Colorado’s expenses by billions! And let’s face it: they will continue to go up. 

By voting yes on Amendment 69, Coloradans can establish a viable system for universal, comprehensive and affordable health care for every resident. Too ill to work? Still covered. Lose your job? Still covered! Single mom? All your kids will get high-quality health care for little out of pocket. A projected 80 percent of Coloradans will benefit from this plan. 

Do average citizens deserve Cadillac coverage like our elected representatives? Most folks think so! ColoradoCare will provide all Coloradans with comprehensive health care, no deductibles or co-insurance, and complete choice of providers – all for a payroll tax that’s less expensive than what most of us pay now in premiums and deductibles. Visit to estimate your costs.

Let’s vote yes on Amendment 69, ColoradoCare, in November!

– Kirby MacLaurin, via email