Co-op supports community

With the turning of the new year comes reflection upon the year passed and a renewal of our intentions  for the new cycle ahead. At this time, all of us at Durango Natural Foods Co-op would like to heartily thank our community for being part of something that is more than just a grocery store. Deep gratitude for voting with your dollars for the kind of world you want to see, where local farmers and artisans are supported and celebrated, where our vitality and health is valued over numerical wealth, where decisions are made in regards to our living planet rather than at her expense, and where people and connections are valued over shareholders’ stock prices. Member-owners are the shareholders, and we consider your return discounted and continued access to as much local, organic, fair-trade and ethically sourced products as possible, in unison with a shopping experience that is actually enjoyable. At DNF, quality of life matters.

We hope you will take a moment to appreciate all DNF has to offer and consider how it has served you in 2022. How do you feel when you are in the store? How do you feel interacting with the people? How do you feel after a meal made from our organic ingredients?

Perhaps 2023 is the year to improve your quality of life and elevate your level of fulfillment in all aspects of life. Certainly, food and the energy of the people we interact with is ultra-important to reaching a state of satisfaction. Not only does choosing DNF support you, it also supports our community of fellow member-owners, farmers, artisans, small businesses, vendors, staff and many more. So, with that awareness held in our hearts and minds, we extend an invitation to see you in the co-op even more in the new year! At DNF, we don’t have corporate investors, we have each other.

Thanks everyone for being in this together!

– Cody Reinheimer, DNF Board Member