Consider all options

Nuclear energy is a controversial issue. I admit my own skepticism on the topic. My concern is that we have backed ourselves into a corner from a lack of past action to address climate change. We need to transition rapidly to clean, carbon-free energy. Could that transition benefit from nuclear energy?

The Durango chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby has organized an opportunity to learn more about nuclear energy with a brand-new Oliver Stone film, “Nuclear Now,” which is just now hitting theaters. It is based on the book, “A Bright Future.”

At the national level, Citizens Climate Lobby has taken a supportive stance on nuclear energy. We think it’s important to consider all technology options, including nuclear, that will help us move quickly to 100% clean energy. We support policies like carbon fees and dividends that allow all low-carbon technologies, including nuclear, to be considered fairly on their merits. 

Join us for a free viewing of “Nuclear Now” at the Durango Library on May 18 from 6-8 p.m. A discussion will follow with Fort Lewis College professor and nuclear engineer Billy Nollet.

– Susan Atkinson, Durango