Desperate times

I was shocked, dismayed and very disappointed in y’all when I saw the thumbs down for the climate protestors who have been targeting artwork to draw attention to the dire state of the climate crisis. To quote Mary Witlacil, Sustainability Leadership Fellow and Ph.D Candidate of Political Science at Colorado State University: “The desperation of climate activism parallels the rate of loss (and likelihood of climate injustice) predicted by the IPCC and climate scientists, if governments fail to curtail greenhouse gas emissions. Desperate times call for desperate activism, and the greater the loss the bolder the action … Desperate acts of civil disruption would be unnecessary if the status quo did not offer such a constrained vision of the future and a limited possibility for change.”

 I encourage you to read Mary’s very intelligent and compelling post entitled Acts of Pessimistic Hope for the Anthropocene at this link:

As activists have repeatedly stated: “the intention is not to damage the paintings and sculptures, but only to highlight the lack of government action against the causes of worsening climate disasters.” Furthermore, according to The Guardian, they have not permanently damaged any works of art.

– Shelby Robinson, Mancos