Enough is enough

For many years, I have sent postcards and letters, which are likely never opened, to the White House about kitchen table topics. Thankfully, my concerns have been responded to, from Biden in March 2013 about the Sandy Hook School mass murder and Biden in May 2022.

Hopefully, after more than two decades of mass shootings, desperately needed solutions from both sides of the aisle will stop the gun madness in the only nation on Earth that has tragically kicked the can way too long.

My two cents is to have all of our school staff lock doors. Apparently, a side door in the most recent Texas school massacre was unlocked by a teacher. Then, it took law enforcement 77 minutes to finally neutralize the 18-year-old killer. He recently bought assault rifles on his birthday and had enough ammo to kill thousands.

When is enough, enough? Now, now, now.

– Sally Florence, Durango