EVs a nonstarter in rural U.S.

They’re coming for your truck. And your SUV and your car. The WSJ reported last week that by 2032, the government will restrict new gasoline-powered vehicle sales to 29% of all new vehicle sales.

Lucid Group lost $145,824 per EV sale last year. Ford only lost $64,731 per EV sale; I suppose they plan on making it up in volume. Automobile manufacturers make their profits from selling gasoline-powered vehicles, which means in eight years, the few new gasoline-powered vehicles available will necessarily come with higher prices and, I predict, higher demand, which will drive prices through the stratosphere.

In April 2023, the WSJ reported that if we replace all 250 million gasoline-powered vehicles in the U.S. at a cost of some $12.5 trillion (my estimate), we would reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by a whopping 0.18%, meaning that 99.82% of all global GHG emissions will continue.

I challenge Gov. Jared Polis to drive to Cortez in a gasoline-powered SUV, then return to Denver in his choice of EVs … in the dead of winter, then report back! Electric vehicles are a non-starter in rural America.  I propose we eliminate the Department of Energy (annual savings: $129 billion), and that Congress severely rein in EV mandates from the EPA.

The masterminds who are plotting to replace our baseline, always-there electricity, with intermittent, not always- there juice, while simultaneously adding 50% demand to the grid via EV charging, are the brightest among us. They all went to the right schools. We are told to trust them, yet I doubt most of them could tell you where a package of hamburger comes from. And know this, they are coming for your truck, and for our way of life. Somebody needs to stop them!

– Russ Andrews, Carbondale, Republican candidate for Colorado CD-3