Expertise matters

La Plata Electric Association, our local electric cooperative, is an excellently run organization and recognized as a leading co-op nationwide. Over the past few years, under the present board leadership, it lowered electricity costs for us members, established greenhouse gas emission goals, and updated infrastructure and policies, all while working on a 50% buy-out from our costly 50-year Tri-State contract.

This year, District 4 residents (the northeast part of La Plata County) have the opportunity to be represented by David Luschen on the LPEA Board. Luschen has 26 years of experience starting as a front-line engineer and working his way up to management for the nation’s largest municipally owned utility. Electing Luschen brings along valuable experience benefiting us co-op members, while strengthening LPEA’s already outstanding organization.

Forget the all of the divisive and negative comments made about LPEA by his opponent. Please vote for Luschen, the experienced candidate!

– Werner Heiber, Durango