Fed up

What did the Jan. 6 committee find? It found that Trump was behind the insurrection, knew the election was not rigged and that Biden won it fair. It also found that all the Trump supporters and American people were lied to and betrayed.

Anyone else would be carted out, prosecuted and in jail. This was treason. And now Trump is influencing elections, and the fact that he is not prosecuted makes the findings of the Jan. 6 commission seem meaningless.

I am furious, and all Americans, particularly Trump supporters, should be against Trump for betraying them. What the heck is the Department of Justice doing? U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland is sitting on his hands.

What is wrong with our country that our elected officials are allowed to run around perptuating lies? Pathetic.

Rise up and stop this.

– Margaret Mayer, Durango