Finding peaceful solutions

Although some of the messages at several colleges across our country are way too much for me personally, to peacefully protest is a right I believe in. If our current POTUS is not reelected this November, we will repeat another four years of chaos. Let’s not repeat the Kent State College killings or the radical Vietnam protests that took place at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, which were so intense that the Democratic nominee for president was not elected.

War hawks allowed the Vietnam War to continue way too long, with 50,000 of our troops suffering death, amputations, PTSD and the list goes on.

Please, think about today’s homeless who were forced to serve in Vietnam or signed up for Iraq, Afghanistan and other battles. Their lives matter; same goes for Israel, Gaza and everyone else around the world who should have a full life as God Almighty has wanted since the beginning of time.

Vote to keep our democracy, create peaceful solutions abroad and make sure we get quality care as well.

– Sally Florence, Durango