First rule of Fight Club

You may remember the first rule of Fight Club: You do not talk about Fight Club.

Here is the Government’s first rule of inflation: You do not talk about inflation. And when you do, you manipulate the numbers and give half-truths.

Sure, it seems like things cost more. Housing and gas prices are up, and don’t you love the “Inflation Recovery Fee” on your restaurant bill? But the technology of the chicken egg isn’t two times better, and your running shoes aren’t 30% better than two years ago. 

What has happened is, the U.S. dollar has become less valuable. The dollar buys 97% less goods and services than in 1913, and 50% of what your 1971 dollar bought. Why? A great question worthy of your deep study. A partial answer is because while you work hard for your money, the Federal Reserve “prints” money with a few clicks of a button, so that there is now more money chasing the same goods and making the prices rise. And do you think that new money gets evenly dispersed to everyone? Of course not. Seems like a broken system, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

And before you slam into that iceberg, I suggest you get a lifeboat. Bitcoin is that lifeboat. Yes, it’s going to take some effort to learn – all good things do – but it’s worth it. The Durango Bitcoin Study Group can help.

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– Hank Rearden, Durango