GOP moderates please stand up

The first weekend in December, ex-president Donald Trump reiterated his ongoing lie that the 2020 election was stolen. He then proclaimed on his personal social media site that therefore any election laws and even the Constitution itself (or at least parts of it) that interfere with his return to power must be cancelled.

Yet again, he has become unhinged. I wonder how he can run for reelection to the presidency, a Constitutional position, if the Constitution were to be cancelled? Of course, he doesn’t want to be president, constrained by annoying rules. He wants to be supreme ruler.

But the real issue here is the telling silence from congressional Republicans. (Sen. Mitch McConnell seems to be the exception.) Apparently none of the others have a problem with the idea of cancelling the Constitution. How about it, Lauren?

So much for those oaths of office to protect and defend democracy. What’s the point of having an oath of office if there are no penalties for violating that oath? 

It should be an impeachable offense. Obviously, it hasn’t been. Neither is inciting a violent coup attempt to reverse an election result to stay in power. If that’s not an impeachable offense, what is? What will be the justification when the incoming tiny GOP House majority impeaches Joe Biden? I can hardly wait.

It’s all part of the growing mountain of evidence that the GOP is anti-democracy and wants a system where only right-wing GOP candidates will be allowed to win elections. GOP moderates have been purged. And in 2022, GOP movers and shakers cozied up with Hungary’s white Christian nationalist autocrat Victor Orban. It seems reasonable to assume that that’s their vision for the future of America.

– Carole McWilliams, Bayfield