Great, however sad

In last week’s Telegraph, I enjoyed the column, “A Dude and a Gentleman,” about the loss of longtime Durango resident Dave Diaz.

The loss of a longtime friend is never good. The column was a very meaningful memorial, so well-written, of a man I never met, but somehow know.

So many of us have lived the events that Diaz loved and we seek more of. A life best lived or in need of moderation, who can say? Condolences to family.

Also, I enjoyed “Quarter-Full or Three-Quarters Empty,” by Jonathan Thompson.

Thompson has, once again, gleaned the essential information concerning the Glen Canyon Dam’s dilemma and produced a reality-based analysis that can be understood. So many perspectives from stakeholders. Many people have joined their future to the availability of water and electricity, recreation and civic growth. The water is simply not there to meet the amount needed.

How many good snow years will be needed to meet the demand of millions of people and their lifestyles? During the best of precipitation times, the allocated water didn’t exist.

John Wesley Powell didn’t see a future for many people living along the river basin. However, there is an increasing population in the Colorado Basin. Condolences to future population.

– Michael Taylor, Durango