Hard work and vigor

I endorse John Purser for LPEA Board of Directors, District 4, which covers northeast La Plata County. Our energy supply options are changing rapidly. Distributed power produced by a variety of generation companies is in the future. We want our local LPEA Board to choose affordable, reliable and renewable power supplies that make sense for our current needs and energy options for our abilities to thrive down the road.

Purser made a career in the tech industry and is well acquainted with critical analysis. The first time I heard Purser give a presentation about possible climate solutions, I was impressed not only with his speaking, commitment and enthusiasm, but I also learned that his college degree was in environmental economics. He takes all sides into account as he keeps in mind that strategic goal of LPEA to strive to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% from 2018 levels by 2030 while keeping members’ cost of electricity lower than 70% of our Colorado peers.

Purser has lived in Durango for 19 years. He has demonstrated commitment, discipline, hard work and vigor. Purser values fiscal and environmental responsibility. He values equitable solutions that are fair and impartial. Purser will insist that the metrics and cost are transparent to members before major decisions are made. Send in your LPEA ballot and vote for John Purser.

– Jackie King, Durango